The Team Approach

University Funding Professionals (UFPROS) offer professional assistance to families with college bound students. The UFPROS process bridges the gap between the college bound family and the services offered by high school counselors, the college admissions department and financial aid offices.

We offer specialized advice that most high school counselors don’t have the time or resources to offer. It’s estimated that 65% of 3rd year college dropouts are cause by lack of financial resources. The bottom line is, we can improve the percentage of high school students that become college graduates. We improve this percentage by ensuring the family can afford the college your counselors have assisted the student in selecting.

Our approach is a family approach and generally starts with students in their early high school years and continues until they finish their graduate degree program. University Funding Professionals offers FREE financial aid workshops. We educate families on the financial aid and admissions process in both public and private colleges. Every family has special situations when it comes to college funding. It is virtually impossible to provide answers to every situation in a group workshop, so we also offer a FREE family consultation to review their situation. We emphasize the importance of financial responsibility as the student and parents choose the perfect college to attend. Every college has an award process and each family receives an award package based upon their financial and family statistics. We utilize proprietary software to provide an accurate analysis of the amount the family will need to pay at each of their selected colleges.

Our goal is to assist high schools in getting more of their students to attend college, and finish their college education. We all work as a team to achieve the success we desire for our children. We look forward to developing a relationship with your educational team.