Here is what some of our customers are saying

When we first looked at what we would have to pay for college, we did not think that we would get any assistance. With the help of the UFPROS team we were able to save $5,000 a year in tuition costs. Chris and his team were able to answer all of our questions and provide us with a map of how we needed to navigate through the entire college process.

– Jonathan D.


Our friends introduced us to Chris and University Funding Professionals. They had a wonderful experience and spoke very highly of the company. From day one, we received professional assistance in many different areas. We are self employed and had already filled out our FAFSA. Chris identified several errors which would’ve cost us over $10,000 a year in tuition. We have learned to put our trust in Chris’s staff for all future college and financial aid processing. I wish we would have found and hired them when our kids were in middle school.

– Jim Z.


We had attended numerous financial aid workshops. We were very skeptical that University Funding Professionals could help us in any way. It was very clear that they knew what they were doing and Chris answered all of our questions without any high-pressure tactics. They helped us choose colleges for my son, increase his ACT score so he could get in, and help to put together a budget so we could pay for college without having to get any parent loans. The process has been very enjoyable and has eliminated all of the unknowns for our family. Thank you for your help.

– Chris A.


We want to offer our sincere thanks to the UFPROS staff for helping us figure out the college process. Our daughter had 15 schools picked out and we were spending a fortune traveling to visit them all. Chris helped us find our daughter’s “dream job”, the major that she needed to do that job, and the colleges that had that major. The amazing part was that the colleges she originally chose did not have the degree program she needed. I wish we would have learned about the UFPROS assistance earlier. Our son’s college search will be much easier now that we understand the process.

– Robert S.


We have seven kids, limited income, and neither of us ever attended college. We visited with Chris and he laid out a budget for all seven of our kids to attend college. He explained student loans, scholarships, and the importance of the ACT test. Our daughter received a 32 on her ACT test after attending the ACT prep course. She has received $22,000 in scholarship money, an additional $14,000 in need-based aid, and we need to pay only $3000 for her first year of college. We do not know how we would have done this without the assistance of University Funding Professionals.

– Peter B.


My wife and I are very high income earners. We knew that we would not get any need-based money, but, as with most families, needed to get some assistance to pay for college. The UFPROS staff saved us so much time in prepping our daughter for college, helping her pick schools, filling out all of the financial aid forms, helping us establish budgets, and taking the stress out of the entire process. Although we did not get any need-based money from the colleges, we did get academic scholarships. In addition to the academic scholarship guidance, the time and stress saved was worth a fortune. As they say, time is money. We were able to sleep at night, knowing that the staff at University Funding Professionals had everything taken care of. This was the best investment we ever made for our kids’ education.

– John M.


I attended the workshop held by the University Funding Professionals. I was extremely disappointed to learn that my financial advisor had told me to save money for college in the wrong type of account. Based on what my advisor told me I found out that I was going to have to pay $20,000 more per year than what I should have been paying. Chris helped me reorganize and set up our savings and save $20,000 on my daughter’s tuition. Way to Go! Thanks for your help.

– Jim L.


My son has a 4.0 GPA and he was struggling with the ACT test. He had taken the test three times and scored 18 on each one. We could not figure out why he was getting the same score. We signed him up for the UFPROS ACT prep course. We found out that he had a time management issue. Jill worked with him and provided test taking tips that he was able to use during the test. He scored a 25 on the next exam. This score helped him meet the qualifications and receive a little bit of scholarship money for the college he wanted to attend. I wish we would have enrolled him in the UFPROS ACT prep course during his sophomore year. We will be more prepared to assist my daughter with her testing. We cannot say thank you enough for everything that they have done.

– Katie A.


We hired a college planner to help our daughter find the school of her dreams. The planner guided us to all of the very expensive colleges on the East Coast. The planner had never figured out, asked us about our budget, or how we would pay for the tuition. When we learned about University Funding Professionals and the services they offered we took advantage of the free consultation and quickly figured out that the schools my daughter was looking at were way out of our budget. We postponed our trip to the East Coast, had our daughter take Chris’s career software program and found six colleges that were closer to home and, most importantly, within our budget. We hired University Funding Professionals to take care of all of our financial aid and college planning for the future. We told our so-called “college planner” that we could no longer afford her advice. University Funding Professionals saved us a fortune with the information that they provided. Thank you so much for your help, you guys are awesome.

– Ron L.


We adopted our children and were very excited to provide them with a college education. When we first looked at our EFC number it was over $25,000 per year that we had to pay out-of-pocket. Chris asked several questions and found out that we had adopted our children. He gave us a list of questions to research and because our children were wards of the state, prior to adoption, they were considered independent students. This meant that our income and savings would not have any impact on the cost of their education. We are able to send our children to college for less than $5000 per year out-of-pocket. This was only one part of the incredible service that we have received from University funding professionals. What a bargain!

– Susan F.


We were a financial wreck when we came to visit Chris. He was very patient and gave us easy to understand instructions on how to fix our situations. He showed us how to save for an emergency fund, set up our first budget, save for college, save for retirement, and prepare our children for college. Words cannot express the appreciation that my husband and I have for University Funding Professionals. We are now sending our second child to college and Chris continues to be patient and coach us through the entire process. We highly recommend their services and think that parents are crazy not to work with a company like this if they are planning on sending their children to college.

– Kelly M.


My daughter was extremely stressed out, did not know what she wanted to do, where she wanted to go to college and refused to discuss anything about college. We attended the workshop in the free consultation without her, hired Chris and brought her into visit with him. He showed her his software and made picking a career fun. Within two weeks she had figured out what she wanted to do and where she wanted to go. I do not know what we would have done without their assistance.

– Victor S.


My husband and I are divorced, and my son was taking it very hard. He had given up on high school and it looked like he was not going to graduate or go to college. The free consultation was very emotional for me because I felt like I let my son down. Chris helped me through the process, offered to meet with my son and assured me that we could accomplish anything we set our minds to. He met with my son and through getting to know him, found out that they had both attended Teens Encounter Christ. From that point, my son started to communicate openly and Chris found that he was interested in engineering. He helped us set up a campus tour and introduced us to several engineers in the local area. My son did the job shadow and was very excited about the career choice. Chris emphasized that in order for him to become an engineer he had to improve his grade point average, complete some volunteer community service and graduate from high school. He followed Chris’s instructions and is now attending college to become a mechanical engineer. It is almost like he’s a different person now. I do not know where he would be if I had not gone to visit with Chris for the free consultation.

– Ashley P.