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Parent's Information

What are your biggest concerns about sending your child to college?

Being able to comfortably afford to send my children to college
Making sure my child picks the 'right' school for them, and my family's 'financial situation'
Making sure college admissions & financial aid forms are completed correctly and on-time
Making sure my Expected Family Contribution is as low as it possibly can be
Making sure my child ‘stands out’ from the crowd when applying to college
Ensuring that I get a fair financial aid award offer for my specific situation

Use data from your 2018 FEDERAL TAX RETURN to complete these next several questions. This tax return is used for the 2020-2021 school year.

For the remaining questions, focus on the student going to college in 2020-2021. Use the 2018 Federal Tax Return.

List 3 colleges your student is considering: