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In our workshops, you will learn the following:
  • What information in the Workshop applies specifically to your family
  • What critical information you need for your Financial Aid preparation
  • What is your EFC (your number)
  • Which of your College selections may have the best Financial Aid
  • Which colleges will be the best fit for your student
  • Strategies that can save you thousands in tuition fees
  • How to guide your student on career and degree selection
  • How to re-organize your information to simplify the process
  • How to maximize your financial aid with the FAFSA & CSS Profile forms
  • Techniques for the ACT & SAT
  •  How to handle difficult situations
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If you do not see a workshop in your area, please request a workshop at your school or a personalized workshop for you and your friends. You can request a workshop by selecting visiting our contact page and we’ll get in touch shortly.


What parents are saying about the workshop experience?
Not all Workshops are created equal!

I had attended another class and it was completely different!!!! Some of the information was the same but this one had so much more. Great presentation.


Not the typical College Financial Aid program!

I learned things that I have never heard of before, and I am sending my second child to college next year! Should have attended this three years ago!


No high pressure scare tactics!

The presenter knew his topic and presented it in a way that was easy to understand. He did not use the typical scare tactics that we have seen from other speakers!


Private College costs vs. Public College costs!

My daughter is so excited to find out that the private college she has her heart set on, may cost us the same as the local public college. What a relief! Thanks for the information, this is a must see educational workshop.!


Finally, answers to my questions!

This has been the first presenter that could answer my questions without beating around the bush. Thanks!


Why didn’t my advisor tell me about this!

I have been saving money for my kid’s college education, now I find out it is going to cost me extra!