Financial Aid Award Analysis Program



  • Each college awards their financial aid packages differently.
  • Some colleges give a majority of their financial aid in free money. Other colleges load you up with student and parent loans.
  • Every family has a different situation and needs to know how their favorite college distributes their financial aid packages.
  • Before selecting and visiting colleges, and sending admissions applications, every family should know all the financial details.


  • Knowing when to appeal your award offer is very important.
  • This family saved $6,895 per year. For a 4-year degree, that’s $27,580.
  • With the money saved, could they pay for their next child to attend college?
  • The biggest question you have to answer is, “did the college give you a fair award offer?”
  • Most families typically take the first offer because they don’t know they can negotiate with a college to reduce costs.
  • Families working with UFPROS will have an accurate estimate of what they should expect before they send in their financial aid forms
  • Some colleges will not negotiate aid offers.