College Financial Survival Planning

Our main goal is helping families survive the college years without going broke. Parents and students simply don’t have the resources to be prepared for all the situations that arise when planning for college.

Every family’s financial situation is different. UFPROS will work with your family to make sure there are no surprises in your process and that you can maximize the financial aid you are entitled to receive.

College financial survival planning

  • Calculation of Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Financial aid estimates on an unlimited list of colleges
  • ACT & GPA impacts on the cost of the colleges selected
  • Planning recommendations on ways to potentially reduce the EFC
  • How to protect your assets from the financial aid formulas
  • Recommendations on how to pay the “Parent Contribution”
  • How to pay your share of the college costs in separated or divorced families
  • Assistance with cash flow, saving, retirement, debt management …..
  • Tax efficient borrowing strategies on how to properly use home equity
  • Business and L.L.C. development assistance
  • Assistance with finding loans and filing the loan paperwork
  • Answers to the “what if” questions & how to handle “unique situations”