Family Financial Aid Processing

The Financial Aid process can be daunting for families. Where do I start? What if I so something wrong? The colleges and student loan companies are not interested in saving you tuition dollars. It would be self-destructive for them to focus on this area.

The main reason that the college does not want you to go to a professional consultant is that this process can potentially reduce your out-of-pocket tuition costs. The result would be a decrease in the amount of money that the educational facility would collect from your family over the long payback period.

We study and understand the complicated laws and regulations of both the Federal and Institutional Financial Aid processes. Because of our understanding of the complicated application process and how it applies to you, we are able to identify steps that you can take to potentially reduce your college costs.

UFPROS will guide you through the entire process, no surprises!

Family Financial Aid processing

  • Timeline of the expected financial aid process
  • Data gathering assistance to prepare for financial aid process
  • Detailed report of financial aid expectations before application process starts
  • Form preparation for both the FAFSA and CSS Profile
  • Data entry of both the FAFSA and CSS Profile
  • Guided signature session for financial aid forms
  • Updates of your information as necessary
  • Award analysis spreadsheet for each school award received
  • Appeal letter creation if under-awarded or situations change
  • Confirmation that your student has received a fair offer from the college