Career & College Major Program

Career & College Counseling Program

Choosing a career path is difficult, especially for someone still in high school. Our Career and College Counseling Program promotes discussion and includes a professional level interest assessment to assist students in narrowing their focus.

Students will have up to 4, individual, 90 minute meetings with a qualified counselor to establish a plan and select a career direction and major.

Once your student has decided on a major, your counselor will help narrow down which colleges to apply to that will fit their interests. We’ll also discuss requirements for applications and assist your student with final editing of essays and scholarship applications.

Program Features:

  • In-depth assessment of the student’s interests, abilities, values, and personality by a qualified counselor
  • Assistance in examining careers of interest more specifically and identifying top major(s)
  • Examination of colleges and how they fit with the student’s majors and careers of interest
  • Strategy for completing requirements for the student’s applications
  • Editing and recommendations for up to 3 drafted scholarship / essays

To learn more or sign up, call UFPROs at 651-789-1113.