ACT Prep Services



  • The ACT test is accepted at almost every college. This test has a major impact on the amount of Merit-Based financial aid a family can receive.
  • This test should be taken multiple times to ensure the student has the best score possible when they apply for college.
  • A score of 30 with a high G.P.A. will get most students significant amounts of FREE money from the college.


  • We offer a customized, guided study program that is designed to get results! We use multiple methods of study to maximize the scores for each student.
  • Students will take 2 Retired ACT tests that will be graded. These tests are then analyzed and a report is generated to show the student what specific areas they need to study.
  • The course provides 18 hours of guided material and recommends another 12 hours of study over a 5 week period.
  • We recommend that students start the testing process at the end of their Sophomore year.
  • Some colleges do not give out Merit-Based aid. Check with UFPROS or the specific college to get their financial aid details.