UFPROS helps you navigate every aspect of college planning process from preparing for college to post-graduation services.

We first guide you through the process of selecting careers, choosing a major and finding the best colleges who offer that major. Then we help you complete applications, plan for the financial aid process, fill out the paperwork, analyze the award offers from each school and provide appeals of awards if necessary.

Our goal is to guide you thru the entire process of providing a college education for your child, helping you save time and money in the process.


We are not affiliated with a college or student loan company. Those are the types of organizations who traditionally provide Financial Aid Information to high schools and families. But you have to remember that their goal is to make money off of you, not to save you money.

We are a totally independent resource, focused on helping you save time and money. We study and understand the complicated laws and regulations of both the Federal and Institutional Financial Aid process. Because our knowledge of the process is so deep, we can identify steps along the way to potentially reduce your college costs. We show you how to pay Wholesale prices, not Retail, for college!

In addition to the general education workshops that we offer, we also do personalized family consultations where we get specific to your family’s situation and how you can potentially reduce your tuition costs. The Workshop and the Personal consultation are both FREE, with no strings attached.